Paul's Story

Paul Lukwago is the music teacher at Kyjubira Village Primary School, they have a school choir and dance group which always welcome visitors from the UK, this is Paul's story:

Growing up in a poor family, Paul had never attended school. However, at about 18 years of age (Africans do not always keep an accurate record of births, etc), he decided he wanted to attend one of the local schools near his home, so, paying a visit to the head teacher, Paul asked if he might look after the teacher's cows as that was all he had ever known. At birth, Paul's mother had given him the unfortunate name of MATUSA, which means 'Born For Nothing'. This was because all his siblings had died from Aids. Paul was destined to overcome the blight of that name.

When the Head Teacher invited Paul to attend the school, his response was “I am too old” but the teacher insisted. In fact, he started in the nursery class with the very young children, but he persevered and went through the various levels. Today, he speaks excellent English and indeed now helps the young children pronounce their words correctly.

One day, whilst still at school and about 20 years of age, Paul skipped classes and went into the forest. He had always wanted a guitar so, cut down a tree, fashioned the instrument and began to play it. Now, at about 40 years of age he has a wonderful musical talent. He has visited the UK twice and has recorded a CD which many schools use in their assemblies.
We are blessed to have him as a teacher in our school as he is in great demand in Uganda and has played and sung in front of the President of Uganda and has won several music awards in Kampala.

Born For A Purpose
You can listen to Paul's album "Born For A Purpose" using the audio player below.
There are 11 tracks in the album:
01 - Testimony
02 - Being An Orphan
03 - Today I Am Changing
04 - Rejoice, Rejoice
05 - Jesus The Friend Of Mine
06 - Yesuakolanyo (Jesus Brings Peace)
07 - Thank You Jesus
08 - Jesus Is My Helper
09 - Lord I Am Grateful
10 - Jesus Christ Is My Saviour
11 - Ssembela Ogyewo Oguyinia (Jesus Brings New Life)
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