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These are exciting times in the village as other projects are being developed to benefit the community, some of them are:

CHURCH - We are building a church for 1000 people, as well as staff and boarders attending church on Sundays, many village people from around the area attend.  There are other children's activities during the week at lunch time and after school.  The Hall will also be used for school assemblies.

AFRICA WITH LOVE CHILDREN'S CHOIR - is trained by Uncle Grace, Aunt Hannah and Uncle Paul Lukwago.

CHILDREN'S HOMES - We currently have 350 children boarding at the school, many are complete orphans and many children come from sad situations where parents/guardians cannot care for them at home.  Children are coming from Tanzania and Rwanda.

FEEDING PROGRAMMES - The Nursery children receive porridge mid morning, the primary and high school receive Posho (maize flour) and beans at lunch time.   Boarders receive 3 meals a day and on Sunday receive rice and chicken. There is also the Jajjas (grandparents) feeding programme each month, they receive, maize flour, sugar, rice, beans, tea bags, soap for washing; when visitors come from the UK, they also receive a packet of bread rolls.

FARM - We have pigs and chickens and are aiming to have 150 piglets this year and more chickens.  We grow tomatoes, cabbage, onions and aubergine and maize, this assists with the food for the children.

CRAFT - LADIES AIDS GROUP - Each Tuesday the ladies meet to make crafts which we sell in the UK, plus they also have their own pig project.

STREET CHILDREN - Dr Sam runs a program for street boys, he assists them with feeding and clothing and helping them get back into society, some of them will be attending AWL school from 2014.

WATER PROJECT - To read of the latest developments in the water project click HERE