Shop Orders
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You are able to support our children/families by ordering goods from the shop. You will see from the lists that there are a number of different packs and you may select as many packs as you would like. Please send your orders to the office together with a cheque for the full amount. We will then instruct our administrators in the village to purchase the goods for us locally. We will then forward to you photographs of the children receiving their packs. You may order packs for any child you sponsor or any other child. When you have posted your Shop Order with cheque, if possible please can you also confirm by emailing the office to inform us that you have posted an order, as we have been experiencing some problems with the post office.   Plus if you are a little late in sending your order for a childs birthday this helps us to inform John the social worker to purchase the shop order in time for a Birthday present. 

However, if possible, please allow at least 6 weeks in advance of a child's birthday to allow clearance of cheques both here in the UK and in Uganda. At the end is also a list of extra items you may consider ordering.

Due to more children attending our schools, we have now negotiated new prices of foods if we buy in bulk, so we can pass on the new lower prices to you which hopefully will assist you to help more children.  The same applies for Uniforms/Shoes/Socks and School Bags.

To see shop items click HERE

On the left you can see a slideshow showing some of the new bikes purchased and delivered.