Visit to Kyjubira 2014
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The group that visited Uganda had a wonderful time, although sadly the chairman could not join the group as he is waiting to have another operation which should have taken place in February.

We were welcomed by all our children clapping and singing 'welcome visitors' together with all the staff who were also waiting to welcome us. Once we had walked up to the main area where two large tents had been erected to protect us from the hot sun, we found parents/guardians waiting for us, and then the children joined us. After welcome speeches, certificates of welcome were given to all the visitors and then we were entertained by the AFRICA WITH LOVE CHILDREN'S CHOIR. The concert should have been for a couple of hours, but continued on for four hours because no one wanted them to stop singing and dancing. Everyone was amazed at the talent of the children, it was the first time they had ever experienced singing and dancing in true African tradition.

To see a slideshow from the visit, click on the picture below.

VISIT 2015

Maybe as you have viewed the photos & read the reports you have said to yourself "I would love to see this myself," can! A visit is already being planned for 2015. The estimated cost is around £1,600 which includes, flights, hotel, bus hire and fuel. Payment to the driver, daily trip to the village, tips to staff etc. Visa is $50. PLEASE BOOK EARLY. You can receive more Information on request.