Water Project
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We had originally hoped to be able to have a water pump on our land, after many tests by the water company in Masaka it was found that this would not be the best way to receive water.  It meant that when it did rain we would have plenty but once it was not the rainy season the water supply would dry up. 

We have had to make a decision to harvest water when it is the rainy season, so we have to continue to add more tanks like the one in the photo, we now have two large tanks and one small tank,  this will save many trips backwards and forwards to the spring water. 

To buy a large tank like the one in the photo and to make the concrete base and buy the guttering to collect the water, together with the labour this costs around £1.800, this is an estimated amount as prices change so much.  If you would like to donate towards another tank, please make your donation using the link below and email the details of your donation to the office.